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We are proud to be associated with Petpals, by fitting out  vans for such a large and well established pet care company.   We offer a one stop shop from vehicle graphics to ply lining, rubber flooring and electric operated roof ventilators.

Petpals provide a comprehensive service of pet care that has had the praise and support of the nation's pet owners as well as pet professionals. Research has shown that under most circumstances, pets are better off in their own environment with familiar surroundings, routines noises and smells

The Petpals flexible and friendly approach has helped more than 6500 pet owners and growing. The growing number of happy repeat business customers demonstrates that pet owners can go to work, have a holiday, visit friends, take short breaks, have a pet day off, pet to vet or pet taxi in the certain knowledge that their pet will be exercised, loved and cherished in their own environment.



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